Are You Having Transmission Problems? The Three Options You Have Available To You When Your Transmission Isn't Working Correctly

28 December 2017
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

Transmission problems are among the most costly problems you can have with your automobile. If you are having transmission problems, you will have to decide how to have the problems corrected. Here are the different options a car transmission repair shop will offer you and the difference among these options. 

Having Your Transmission Repaired

When you are having transmission problems, one of the options you may have available to you is having the transmission repaired. This is the cheapest option, but it is not always an option. If multiple parts are damaged inside of the transmission or you have a blown transmission a simple repair will not solve your problem. However, if you have a faulty gear or intake problem, a repair can help to solve the problem and get you back out on the road again. 

Having Your Transmission Rebuilt or Overhauled

Another option you may have if you are having transmission problems is to have your transmission rebuilt or overhauled. These terms mean the same thing and are often used interchangeably by a mechanic. When your transmission is rebuilt, the transmission is removed from your car and opened up. All of the parts that are worn or damaged are removed and either repaired or replaced. This helps to fix the current issue you are having with your transmission, while also helping to prevent any issues that may develop soon due to worn or old parts. 

Having Your Transmission Replaced

The last option you have if you are having transmission issues is to have your transmission replaced. Replacing your transmission means that an entirely new transmission is installed in your car. Unless your car has sentimental value to it or your car is fairly new, replacing the transmission may not be the best option for you. Replacing a transmission in a car with a brand new one is expensive. The part alone can run anywhere from $3500 to $7000. And then you have to pay to have it installed. As such, most people have their transmissions repaired or rebuilt when they are experiencing transmission-related issues. 

When an auto mechanic tells you that you will need to have your transmission repaired, rebuilt or replaced, you may find yourself wondering what the difference is among these options. Taking the time to learn about the differences will help you determine which is the best option for your car's transmission and your budget. To learn more, contact a company like Terwood Auto Repair.