Does Your Choice Of Car Brand Really Matter?

11 June 2019
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When buying a car, many people are usually looking for a car that can get them from one place to another, and they don't really put much consideration into the brand of the car. In fact, many people believe that one brand is just like any other brand. To others, the brand of the car they buy is very important.

So, does the brand of the car you buy matter when it comes to buying cars? Yes, it does matter because not all brands are alike. Here are some reasons why you should be careful while choosing a car brand.

Resale Value

A good car brand should have a high trading or resale value. These types of cars are the vehicles that most people would like to buy as second-hand cars in the future. Most buyers always want cars that can retain their value, cars that are reliable, cars that are being manufactured, and cars that haven't changed randomly in style. Car brands with such features have a good resale value, and that's why many people like buying them.


Research has revealed that car brands with the least mechanical issues are Japanese models, followed by American models. Lastly, there are the expensive luxury brands manufactured in Europe. It does not really make sense that you cannot depend on the most expensive car brands, but that's the truth. According to research, the most expensive and luxury car brands are known to have the greatest number of serious issues.


There is a very big difference in the safety rating of different car models and makes. All cars are not the same. Let's say cars with 5-star and 3-star safety ratings respectively have the same price, which car can you choose? Good car brands have good safety ratings, and this shows the importance of checking the safety assessments online before buying the car.

Luxury Image

Even though most car brands come with luxury features like leather seats, memory/power seats, good sound systems, and navigation systems, among others, such features are not confined in luxury cars today. Today, luxury cars no longer come with high-class features. As a matter of fact, most luxury features found in luxury car brands are also found in cheaper brands. Today, luxury car brands only come with a luxury image and nothing much more.

Ownership Cost

The cost of owning a car varies between models, brands, and styles. Several factors like the initial car cost, reliability, gas mileage, maintenance costs, and repair costs determine the ownership cost of a car. Generally, luxury car brands have a higher ownership cost compared to economy cars. However, the cost of owning cars that are in the same price range varies significantly.

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