4 Causes Of Bad Wheel Alignment

11 August 2021
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

Does your car's steering feel off when driving on straight stretches? It is one sign that your wheel alignment is off. Bad wheel alignment is hard to notice with the naked eyes unless you pick up the cues like a steering drift or uneven wearing of the tires. But its consequences can be fatal because it interferes with your car's braking and steering. Your car also develops poor fuel efficiency. What causes poor wheel alignment, and what can you do about it?

Heavy Impact on the Wheels 

If you drive on an uneven surface, it is hard to avoid heavy impact on the wheels now and then. Hitting a deep pothole or high bump will cause a sudden misalignment of the wheels. But even normal driving on rough surfaces will also cause gradual misalignment. 

Hitting your wheels on the curb goes unnoticed when driving in urban settings. Still, it is perhaps the most common cause of misalignment for cars that drive on smooth surfaces. You should have your wheels checked for alignment if you have had a jarring impact. It is also a good idea to do regular alignment checkups if you drive on rough roads.

Low Tire Pressure 

You should inflate your car's tires to the recommended pressure. You can easily get this information from your car dealer. Today's tire pumps are also easy to set the pressure per square inch (PSI) you want. 

You will notice your car pulling to one side when the tires are wrongly and unevenly inflated. It is advisable to take your car in for alignment if you realize you have been using the wrong tire pressure for a long time. 

Worn Wheel Mechanism Parts 

Routine wear and tear are also a cause of misalignment. For example, worn wheel bearings can cause the car's wheel to rotate at the wrong angle, which will continue to happen if you don't take your car in for regular servicing. You should replace the worn car parts as part of the general service to fix this problem.

Irregular Wheel Alignment Checks 

Your car will develop wheel misalignment even with good service because it is hard to avoid events like bumping into curbs. Without regular wheel alignment, the misalignment gets worse as time progresses. 

You should also consider preventative maintenance for your car since it uncovers developing problems, including wheel misalignment. It will help you save money by preventing major repairs. 

Would you love a smoother ride and better fuel efficiency from your car? Book a wheel alignment checkup to fix misalignment problems.