What To Consider When Buying A New Audio System For Your Car

17 January 2023
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

Are you unhappy with the stock audio system that came with your vehicle, and you want to give it a bit of an upgrade? If so, you should definitely consider the following things before you make a purchase. 

The Power Requirements

Every sound system is going to be a bit different with what kind of power you need for the speakers. You want to make sure that the speakers are either compatible with your vehicle as it is, or if you need to purchase an amplifier to give you the additional power you need. This is common when adding a subwoofer to a vehicle that did not originally have one.

The Connection Compatibility

Chances are that you want to take advantage of the latest technology if you are putting in a new car audio system. Make sure that your components are going to be compatible with the type of connection you want to use. Do you want a wired connection to ensure the best audio quality from your phone, or are you happy with Bluetooth and wirelessly transmitting the signal? These are small details that definitely should not be forgotten.

The Speakers 

There are many factors that go into your speaker selection that go beyond how they sound. You may want to use coaxial speakers rather than component speakers, which are much easier to install because all the components are in a single unit. You'll also want to look at the technical specifications of the speakers when comparing them, since speakers are rated on factors like sensitivity and frequency response. 

The impedance rating can also tell about a speaker. Anything with low impedance is going to deliver more power to the speaker and allow for better sound quality. On the flip side, high impedance means less power is going to the speaker. One of the benefits of a high-impedance speaker is that it is less likely to be damaged during normal use. 

The Warranty

If you are putting a lot of money into your vehicle's audio system then you will definitely want a warranty to protect it. Consider the warranty of all the components you are purchasing, and what were to happen if something were to fail. Look at the length of the warranty, what kind of malfunctions are covered, if the warranty is transferable, if it covers the labor for replacing the component, and who would be authorized to perform the replacement. 

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